Work leave control

One of the jobs we carry out at Monopol, detective agency in Madrid, is the follow up of possible work leave fraud. This type of fraud directly affects companies that decide to hire a private investigator in Madrid as a preventative measure against risks for the company and its employees.

The use of private detective services for the investigation of possible fraud in workers’ sick leave has had legal support in the last few years as well as judicial support with innumerable sentences by the Superior Court.

Work leve control

Work leave fraud

An employee initiates fraudulent sick leave when he/she pretends to be sick or fakes an injury or illness. Employees usually take advantage of the leave because it does not specify the reason the employee is leaving, so he/she may act without impunity. Although the characteristics are many, the most common profile for a fraudulent employee is where he/she applies for extra salary while having another job on the side.

Some of the ailments that these fraudulent employees tend to conjure are cervical or lumbar pain, afflictions easy to fake in front of a doctor but at the same time difficult to fake in front of detectives.

In order to penalize an employee who is suspected of labor malpractice, it is necessary that the employer show legal proof that will testify to that malpractice. From Monopol we conduct an extensive investigation with agents who follow and watch the employee who has requested sick leave, and we get photographic and video activity of said employee. This type of investigation usually turns out simple and does not require more than five days.

If you feel your company is a victim of a possible case of fraudulent work leave, our detective agency in Madrid will help you resolve your doubts. Contact us today!