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Private investigations for individuals in Madrid

The image of the private investigator in Madrid and in the world of movies is linked to raincoats, dark hats, etc. However the reality is different from the one that classic Hollywood movies sell us. A private detective is a person who, after being educated in a University, is hired by individual sor businesses to solve certain doubts or insecurities. Always abiding by the law, a professional investigator uses their techniques and means to get answers.
The law, a professional investigator uses their techniques and means to get answers.
Sice the beginning of the 20th century, the figure of the detective has dedicated, among other things, to deal with cases of infidelity, finding of people, control on children or inheritances. On the private level, currently one of the most demanded services is the one of investigation for custody of children. The figure of detective has become essential to prove bad habits and to win the trial over custody.











If you need a private investigator in Madrid, at Monopol we work on all kinds of private investigations for individuals, specially in the capital. We separate the areas of investigation in different specialties.

Investigations about private crimes

A crime of private action according to the spanish law, and that a private in Madrid detective knows well, is the one that is not considered of enough severity to affect public order, it is not prosecuted by the state, but is needed that the victim propels the judicial action and be a part of the criminal proceedings.
When the victim begins a procedural cause, we are in front of a lawsuit. In this type of situations, the individuals that have been, for example, defamed and slandered, can go to a private detective to search elements that support their complaint and build a report of evidence that gives solidity and legal validity before justice, with the permission of the Judge that is learning the matter.

Investigación sobre delitos privados
Investigaciones privadas

Search and finding of people

There are a lot of circumstances that can separate people, be it friends or family. Among these we can mention adoption, deaths, marriage, travels, deseases, arguments, misunderstandings, etc. This separation can generate anxiety, leave loose ends, unresolved arguments, problems that were not fixed between people. In the same way businesses also produce unexpected outcomes between partners or between creditor and debtor.
The unresolved questions can a thorn on the side for months or years. Those of a personal, family, health or financial nature are the ones that can find answers thanks to the work of a private detective in Madrid, that because of their knowledge about the city ans its surroundings, will be able to search and find a person even if they have little information about them.

Family investigations

Controlling a family member may sound like a case that’s a little strange for a private investigator, but there is an example that no doubt the collective imagination associates with the work of private detectives: infidelity. The wife or the husband usually get the first hints at home, is technology the one who begins to betray the cheaters. People who go to a private detective for this kind of cases, have discovered suspicious behaviors by checking the social networks accounts of their partners or through their cellphones. However, the seed of doubt becomes a certainty of infidelity (or fidelity) of the partner thanks to the work of a good private detective.
Here at monopol, with a professional work, we will be able to give back peace of mind and spirit to those who have the concern that their partner is cheating on them, either because they act in a strange way, or keep secrets. Another type of family investigation is children or parents with strange behaviors, such as gambling (very frequent case), children keeping bad company, drug risk, etc.

Investigaciones familiares
Investigaciones de divorcio

Separation and divorce suits

There are a lot of reasons why a couple can reach the decision of separating or divorcing, and according to our experience as private detectives, many times they are not done in a peaceful and quiet way. It is in these contentious cases that a member of the couple may go to a private detective, to clarify situations such as domestic violence (against one of the members of the couple or the children), to prove it existed ori t was a false claim, and also, in case there is an argument about custody of the children, both for schedules or travels that make it incomplatible for the custody of the children, and for behaviors of drug use, or night outings. A private detective will make show of their knowledge not only of the city, the uses and customs, but of the specific national and community legislation that concern to possible disputes for custody of the children.
Hiring the services of detectives in Madrid because of infidelities is something very common.

Prenuptial reports

Here at Monopol Detectives we consider that doing a prenuptial investigation is perfectly valid way to prevent future divorce or separation for not knowing parts of the life and personality of the future partner.
There are many things that can generate distrust and fear, for example, keeping secrets that involve debts, frauds, feigned solvency, nonexisting patrimony, secret lovers, or a hidden sexual orientation. Likewise, couple who mee ton the internet and that are in different cities, have very little information about each other. So to gain trust, you can go detectives agency in Madrid that will make an investigation with total discretion and with that, give you a solid starting point for a lasting marriage. There are many possibilities that there is nothing hidden or secret, what you get when hiring a private detective in these cases, is without a doubt, peace of mind.

Informes patrimoniales
Investigación de arrendamientos

Urban leasings

The leasing of a property is contract that a private detective in Madrid knows very well, including its regulation in the articles 1542 and next on the Civil Code and the Law of Urban Leasings. It is important for private investigators to know this legislation, as there will be a lot of cases knocking at their doors, looking to solve little problems between landlords and tenants.
Some of these problems that may need the acting of private investigator are:

Lack of occupation:

When leasing a property (apartment, house, shop), there is an obligation to occupy it. The lack of occupation is understood as the fact of not using a living place for its intended purposes, meaning, physically not using it. The purpose of the leasing contract is the occupation of the property, so if it is not being used, the landlord can may request ´the rescission of the contract for lack of occupation. To prove this fact, they will need the services of a private detective.

Unauthorized subletting:

Another frequent case is unauthorized subletting. When signing a contract, both parties commit to certain things: the tenant, to not rent it to another person. With all the discretion that the case demands, a private detective can gather the right information so that the landlord can request the eviction if the tenant incurrs in this kind of behavior.

Duplicity of addresses:

Not only in the case of leasings, in which the tenant might live in a different place other tan the one in the contract, but in a lot of other civil and market transactions, a person can give out a fake address: for example, to not pay alimony to children after a divorce, when applying for a job, etc. A private detective can without a doubt check the address of a person and the accuracy of the information they have provided.

Not consensual activities:

When signing a leasing contract, the tenant commits to a determined use of the property, for example, home. If they use as a shop, storage room, etcetera, they are failing to comply with the contract they signed. A private detective, knowing the current legislation, can be of great help at checking the improper use of a property by the tenant, and contribute the necessary proof to request the eviction and regain control of the property.

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