Monopol is an agency established in Madrid in 1962. We can proudly say that, ever since, our existence has been full of hits and successes.


In these five decades, private investigation has gained a growing leadership in the business field, as a key support to their management and decision making. That is how, today, the work of investigating, counseling and proof giving that Monopol provides forms a rigorous and global professional service, what makes our company a frequent collaborator to our clients, mostly lawyers, businesses, and individuals.

Monopol applies new technologies to its investigation work in the fields of photography, sound, image, computing, electronics, an communications, using all these techniques abiding by the current law, to make the obtained evidence valid before the Courts.

A team of professionals

Monopol, as a detectives agency in Madrid, in integrated by a team of professionals expert in their fields:

  • Certified Private Investigators.
  • Certified criminologists.
  • Economists.
  • Lawyers.

On top of that, Monopol keeps collaboration agreements with expert professionals related to the investigation, such as psychologists, graphologists, police experts, auditors, scientific police technicians, laboratories, etc.


Areas of investigation

Our long experience as a detectives agency in Madrid, and the ample trainig that makes the team at Monopol, allow us to offer different kinds of services in the fields of private investigation.

On one side, we work with all kinds of business or corporate investigations. The business sector is currently the one most benefited from private detective services. At Monopol we work for small and large businesses from different trades, and we take care of work and economic cases such as fires, and intellectual property, among others.

On the other side, we deal with private investigations of all kinds. That includes cases of infidelity, custody, accidents, drugs and alcoholism, finding people, and a long etcetera.

Why trust in Monopol

From our beginnings, our detectives agency in Madrid became referring in the field of private investigation in the capital. We are constantly learning and we adapt to the new methods emerged from the sector with a clear objective: to get maximum satisfaction from our clients, and ultimately, the truth.

The moment a person comes tu us, be it to deal with a personal or business matter, we guarantee maximum confidentiality of their identity and the information they give us.

We are committed to comply with the current legislation to protect the legal safety of all our clients and make sure thet our reports are valid in the case  of having to present them to institutions and organizations.

Our philosophy is to contribute maximum professionalism to all our investigations without leaving aside our human part. People who trust in our agency, find people working with people, beyond mere formality.

In Spain and abriad

Monopol Detectives develops its activities in the whole of Spain and abroad, through the most important national and international detective agencies, of which we are members:

Thanks to these associations, Monopol keeps collaboration agreements with investigation agencies abroad, guaranteeing their clients the complete resolution of the investigations they bring to us.

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