Ethics, law and daily work of a private detective in Madrid


As private detectives in Madrid here in the agency Monopol, on many occasions we are faced with the general public opinion about the work of private investigators. Some people believe that a private investigator can act with impunity and in an obscure way to get the information requested, and we should clarify that there is nothing further from the truth. A private detective by definition must adhere to ethical and legal behavior not only to operate within a legal framework, but to give a valid and authentic truth of the results that are delivered to each customer.In fact, as the binomial ethics and legality is a part of everyday life and the daily work of a private investigator, it is interesting to deeply examine the impact they can have on the view that society has of this profession and how, those engaged in this work, do their work from day to day.

What customers can expect from the private detectives in Madrid

When people decide to go to a private investigator, whether acting as individuals or businesses, they often have a very clear idea on what to ask. In general, these are very specific and simple things that the detectives are accustomed to these cases: background search, data protection, security of a person, and so on. However, there are cases in which people expect the private detective to go beyond, stepping into a dangerous ground: doing the things that are not illegal per se, but they certainly are in an area close to the infringement of laws.

La percepción pública de las personas les puede crear expectativas falsas sobre lo que hace un detective privado


Fortunately, the silent, discreet and effective work of agencies such as Monopol, who already have decades of experience in Spanish territory, contribute to the fact that this type of distorted vision is not predominant, although there still is a false belief where a private detective in Madrid are viewed as a spy of the Spanish.

The importance of ethics in everyday life

There are many laws and codes that although do not directly affect the work of a private detective, they do affect their daily assignments. Some examples are respecting the privacy of individuals, sharing the information about the individuals, obtaining bank details or people’s medical records. There are specific prohibitions, but there are large areas of work that could be called “gray”. For example, if a private detective subcontracts someone to do something that is not prohibited, but is not fully allowed … is he breaking the law? Maybe not, but he is acting in an unethical manner.

La importancia de la ética en la vida cotidiana y profesional


With regard to ethics, following the law is a good place to start. There are actions that are unethical behavior and there are laws that prohibit them. But behaving within an ethical framework is not as easy, since it does not only refer to following the law. A simple example is the act of lying. We all know that lying is “bad”, but it is not illegal, except in very specific circumstances, such as by pretending as a witness in a trial. Adultery or infidelity, one of the most common reasons that motivate people to seek private detective in Madrid, is a reason to end a marriage legally, but it is not a crime. Being unfaithful is not directly illegal. These examples, however simple as they may seem, tell us something very clear: to behave ethically, it is not enough to follow the legal guidelines.The big question then is what is the reason to behave ethically while respecting the principles that are not even enshrined in the law? Not only there is one, but there are many reasons for doing so.Among the most important is the fact that unethical behavior can seriously harm the company. A prestige we have built in Monopol, is made daily with ethical behavior. It is an honorable reputation for a profession little known in depth. A client surprised by ethical behavior is the best recommendation for a business like private detectives.

Another answer is that unethical behavior isolates a private detective or an agency. All agencies, engaged in this complex business, deal with some complex cases, with morally obscure ground that might come knocking on the door.

Ultimately, we can say that the ethically correct behavior is what makes you feel good. For a private investigator it is as important as the work performed. It immerses from confidentiality and reliability that a customer deposits with a delicate case that he has. It is what is right, and acting according to ethical standards, always gives the best results.

Decision-making processes

For a private detective, in his everyday work, not only in the moment where a detective has to accept or decline a case, there are many times when they must face complex decision making. It is for this reason that a detective must be prepared, or we could even say “trained”, to make those decisions in an ethical manner.

There will be situations where the decision has to be made immediately and it will be a question of emergency. This means that there might be a lack of time to consider all aspects of the problem. That is why for a private detective it is essential to be prepared at various levels to make quick decisions to adhere to an ethical and moral code.

From the academic training and especially in the process of preparation within each company, it is important to emphasize ethical education as the cornerstone of career development of a private detective. It is interesting to emphasize that by definition the decision-making process is complex and involves a preparation that is valued in many different professions, such as the case with business executives who must keep in mind the phases of decision making.

La importancia del proceso de toma de decisiones
Here the aim is to make a moral tone in this process, so that even when making several decisions at the time and in the most unexpected and inconvenient places, the private detective is ready to face the process with full ethical integrity.

In contemporary society, where the immediacy of the flow of information, the speed with which a simple gossip can be taken for granted, yet be forgotten the next minute, it seems that ethical behavior is relegated to a second plan. Actually, this situation is only apparent. Not only in our profession as private detectives, but in everyday life as well, behavior according to moral standards is increasingly a good habit, and the only way to adequately address the vortex of personal and professional changes the world offers us as a challenge every day.

For a private investigator to have a good moral compass is also synonymous with reputation, reliability and word of mouth recommendation. In a city like Madrid, cosmopolitan, diverse and full of places, situations and people with very different paths in life, intentions and moral standards, a private detective can not fall into the “temptation” of not respecting their codes of ethics and professional decency. Monopol Detectives here is what allows us, after more than five decades of consolidated work, to offer an honest, reliable and high-level service.