Monopol, private detectives in Madrid, is synonymous with seriousness, trajectory, and Prestige since 1962. Private investigation services for individuals and businesses.
Confidentiality, experience expert professionals in the area of investigation. Our staff is integrated by Certified Private Investigators and Criminologists, and by Economists and Lawyers, so that any service that the client requires will be approached with the utmost specialization and professionalism. We also do collaborations with other professions and scopes, such as lab technicians, psychologists, auditors, graphologists, etc.
Private investigation in Spain is reserved to authorized private detectives, as it is an activity controlled by the Private Security Law, Law 5/2014 April 4th.



Business or corporate investigation services for big multinational companies and small businesses. Investigations, counseling, and input of proof for companies from different sectors of industry, services or commerce.



Confidential investigations, prenuptial reports, personalized monitoring, people searches, and investigations about private crimes. Divorce and separation lawsuits. Investigations about urban leases.

We create a plan for each proyect and we permanently inform the client about the status of the investigation. Once the investigation is finished we deliver a written report with the corresponding evidence.

Professional secrecy and absolute privacy guaranteed

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Investigaciones particulares y corporativas

The technique an experience of a good private detective in Madrid is put to the test in individual investigations as in those considered corporate. In both cases, the investigator must make a show of all their strategies to get the information the client has requested.
The tools and procedures they will use, as well as the resources they may employ are similar in both the private and business sectors: They have to be careful amd pay close attention to the legal nooks and crannies that protect privacy, wich will be of greater importance if the client uses the information in some kind of judicial action, a situation that may arise in both corporate investigation and individual investigations.

importancia de la confidencialidad

In Monopol detectives we pride ourselves in being a detectives agency in Madrid that respects the confidentiality of their clients and the information they entrust us. The work of a private detective functions better and is more effective when there is a confidentiality agreement that allows both parties to be open and honest.
For a person who is looking for a private detective for the first time, it’s important to know that confidentiality is fundamental and respected part of the ethics code of an private investigator, since it’s important to the professionals of the field that people explain the particular details, a lot of the times private or delicate that are necessary to start a profesional investigation.

Aplicación de nuevas tecnologías

Sound, image, photography, computing, electronics and communications.
Professional private detectives working in Monopol Detectives use certain technologic tools, that joined to our training and capability, allow us to resolve all types of cases, since the first responsibility of an investigator is to formally document the information they get. Among these tools cameras and audio recorders stand out.
The use of hidden cameras (their technologic development has grown exponentially in last years) is also an interesting tool. To know how to search a database and use the technologies of information and communication properly, also constitute an important mean for any private detective.

Profesionales cualificados

No matter what kind of profesisional you look for in active and Cosmopolitan city like Madrid, you will always look for the most qualified. The search for a private detective is no exception.
In Monopol we pride ourselves to have professional private detectives, prepare dan with the experience and specialization that each area of investigation demands. Be it an investigation about infidelity or the documentation of a case of business fraud, every investigator that forms part of our work tea mis qualified and has the abilities that each particular case requires, besides having the necessary experience as private detectives in Madrid.


50 años de trayectoria

Lets think about how much a person or a city changes in five decades. Madrid, our city, has a different face than the one it had in 1962 when the detectives agency Monopol was established. In these years, we have refined our use of technology, that offers us more and more tools to reach our ends.
That way, we have learned to collaborate with individuals and above all with companies, so that the professional reports we deliver from every case requested, work as base for internal decision making. This broad range of cases and áreas of performance as detectives in Madrid is nurtured by our over fifty years of experience and trajectory in the field.




In Monopol we offer our services as private detectives for individuals as well as businesses. We divide our services in two large áreas, private investigation for individuals and corporate private investigation. For every and each of our services, whatever their field of specialty may be, we assign the resources and the right professionals to always get the best results.

Detectives for individuals

Detectives para particulares

Infidelity investigations

To find out the truth by ourselves on suspicion of infidelity is not always easy, so it is common to resort to private detectives in Madrid. In Monopol we look for you satisfaction, that is why we are prepared to carry out all types of investigations about possible infidelities. We offer a confidential service and guaranteeing absolute discretion in the whole process to deliver a complete report without compromising the investigation or our client. We have the experience and the most qualified professionals, who have all the technical material necessary to develop complete and contrastable reports.

Infidelity investigations

Investigations about custody of minors

It is one of the most frequent personal situations for which clients come to detective agencies in Madrid, as it is very common that after a separation or divorce one of the parties wants to find out different aspects or habits from the other. Legally, the information that a private detective can contribute in a trial is totally valid, as spanish legislation allows them to investigate this kind of affair.

The investigation we conduct in Monopol, are centered in finding solid and irrefutable proof, as in many cases because of the absence of said proof you end up losing the lawsuit.

Investigations about custody of minors

Investigations about drugs or addiction

In Monopol, we are prepared for cases of people with any kind of addiction, we have the qualified personnel that will know how to deal with family members that contact us, and they will know the places that person may go to. In this case, as detectives we will write a detailed report that will be very helpful to those who have a family member or friend with an addiction problema.

As specialists in this field, we know places, habits, and typical behaviours of people with addiction, what can help us to find the truth and take action on the matter.

Investigations about drugs or addiction

Detectives for businesses

Detectives privados en Madrid

Work investigations

The same way, we control different subjects in what concerns to work:

  • Control of medical leave.
  • Verification of work background and resumes.
  • Watching of the personnel of a company (employees, union leaders, sellers, representatives, etc.)
  • Work leaves.
  • Capability of businesses and individuals in regards of economy, professionalism, and technique.
  • Underhand work or duplicity of employment.

Work investigations

Economic investigations

We are specialized in different fields of the economic scope, such as:

  • Financial and economis reports before seizures and executive trials.
  • Finding of assets.
  • Fraudulent bankruptcies.
  • Moral and economic responsabilities.
  • Search of businesses and manager

Economic investigations

Accident investigations

There are several situations in which a detective in Madrid or in any city of the world, may investigate:

  • Frauds to car insurance companies.
  • Verification of accidents or fires.
  • Assesment of the degree of disability as a consequence of an actual accident.
  • Possibles repercussions or fake injuries.
  • Verification of temporary medical leave.
  • Civil liability.

Accident investigations

Investigations of intellectual/industrial property

Rights that a person, physical or legal, owns on a brand, a patent, an invention, a sign, a design, etc. A detectives in Madrid we work with various aspects within this field:

  • Information leaks.
  • Comercial and industrial counter- espionage.
  • Inquiries about brands and patents.
  • Forgery of owned brands and theft of patents.
  • Plagiarism of processes.
  • Unfair competition.

Investigations of intellectual/industrial property

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