Strengthen Security: How Can a Detective in Madrid Help?

What is the first thing you think when you hear the term “security”?

Chances are you are thinking about the idea of ​​avoiding the danger in every way. The term security can be related to life, food, public security, private security… Even the Spanish law gives us the right to security. Based on the Spanish Constitution, Title I, Chapter II, Article 17: “Everyone has the right of liberty and security.”

The question is: when it comes to enhancing security in our home, our private life and, above all, our companies or businesses, what tools do we, as individuals, have to exercise this right? From hiring private security personnel to strengthening cyber security, all of these little details are certainly elements that we can implement. However, it is also interesting to discern how a private detective in Madrid can help you to reinforce all this huge section of private and business life. So let us start by defining security more thoroughly, and later on we can address the role of private detectives in it.

Security: Opposite of danger?

The most basic security concept is without doubt the fact that refers to the absence of hazards, risks and threats. This can involve entire nations, individuals, businesses, groups, and so on. It is certainly a word that can be used with many different meanings, plus much has changed throughout history. No individuals always had the right to protect their privacy and integrity as we have today.

Current legislation, at least in all Western countries, gives individuals the right to security, i.e., the states undertake steps to maintain a minimum framework of trust and comfort in which all inhabitants of their territory can feel reassured and having a comfort zone of life in which to develop their daily activities.

However, even in the most peaceful countries in the world security cannot be guaranteed one hundred percent. The state is not omnipresent and the police cannot control all people, since that would also interfere with their freedom and the exercise of their rights. This opens the window to the existence of risks of all kinds, individual or collective.

What do we think when they hear the word security?

Health security, for example, is legislated differently, but in all countries (Spain included) there are attempts to provide a framework of certainty, where we know that if we get sick, there will be a system to protect us and give us medical care. Road safety is another example where governments attempt to provide a legal framework and penalties that lead people to drive carefully, in most cases.

The above examples serve to show that even though the legislation provides a security framework, there are always cracks that will represent risks to individual safety of citizens.

Security of home and business

Again the term “home security” can refer to very different things. From decreased risk of accidents to protection of our assets through different measures; from the purchase of insurance liability to the subscription to Private security methods. All these different actions are focused on a common goal: to make the lives of people in our family or living in our home stable, peaceful, free from risks and violence.

The same applies if you have a company or business: the last thing we want is that due to our own negligence, to compromise property capital of our company, our employees or workers and sensitive information that makes up the company’s intangible capital, by exposing it to theft, occupational hazards, accidents, or any action that threatens its peace and stability.

Again, among the most common measures to protect the security of a business is the usage of safes and of course, the services of private security contractors.

But we must not forget that the risks implicit in security breaches are much broader, especially today, when many of our data stroll through it in some way, on the internet.

This is one of the points in which a private detective certainly can be helpful, but we will return to this subject later, as we want address two other issues related to security both home and companies or businesses. First is the notion of private security companies, and secondly, the idea of ​​cyber security.

There are many ways of ensuring our security: the liability insurance is one of them

The private security companies in Madrid

Madrid, like all great cities, is a city in which we cannot feel exempt from the risk posed by criminal violence. And this is certainly not unique to this city; it is a reality of the contemporary world. That is why there are private security companies that help with law enforcement and allow individuals to ensure their own safety.

At this point it should be noted that private security in Spain is regulated by the Private Security Act 5/2014.

In these legal documents, it is defined that private security is a competence of the National Police (shared with Autonomous Police Forces). It is also specified that the Civil Guard maintains certain competence in private security. Besides the above, there is Agreement on Private Security which is the standard for the existence of private security companies, which can be applied all citizens of the European Union (as this is not about public officials) and not only Spaniards, but all these companies will only be considered part of the process of maintaining security. That is, a private watchdog is not an agent of the public authority, but they are able to greatly aid in safeguarding the physical integrity of persons, property and business capital. However, there has been some discussion coming from the staff that operates in these businesses in relation to acquire greater legal protection, mainly due to the nature of the activity carried out in their daily work, which exposed her own safety. There are numerous security firms established in the community of Madrid.

Cyber security

Another current major element in terms of safety is certainly what we have on the internet. Protecting our data, our image and general information we have stored, shared or transmitted using the internet, is one of the factors that concern many people right now. This is because the hacker attacks and hackers can jeopardize a company, a government agency or even private life of a person.

It is increasingly important to protect computers, mobile phones and passwords in general, since much of what we do in our daily lives goes through the use of shared networks, and if we do not put the necessary emphasis on care, we can face serious problems.

All this sense of vulnerability has made specialized search data encryption personnel and consultants within large enterprises in order to find ways for dealing with particular situations and guide them to achieve security of the data in a better way.

Today, cyber security is critical on individual, government and enterprise levels

Technology, security and the internet are the subjects of many discussions and are also the reasons why people can seek private detectives, who will be able to take care of the cases where internet search information of a client must not be publicized or where it is necessary to contribute to the protection of the same.

Private detectives in Madrid and safety

In particular, what a private detective in a city like Madrid can do for you is to be a helping agent in safeguarding security, especially in the broad sense that we have described so far. The answer is that their field of action is very broad and diverse.

In personal terms, it can help a person to detect if someone specifically threatens their physical safety. For example, after receiving a threat, you can hire the services of a private investigator to reduce the number of suspects so as to eliminate the threat. Another example is the collaboration of a private investigator to search for stolen information, or missing objects, and so on.

When it comes to protection of private enterprise, the private detective work can be much more comprehensive and complex. From the deep vetting of potential employees (as we have already described in speaking of the prevention or detection of corporate fraud) to assist with the establishment of a safe location for new facilities, through collaboration in protecting sensitive data or tracking suspected of attempting to undermine the security of the company or its employees.


As we can see, the scope for a private detective in terms of safety is as wide as the discussion of the term security itself. As private detectives in Madrid here in Monopol, we know that the field of action in which our services are sought is in the establishment of secure networks for companies and individuals, especially on the internet.

In fact, it is interesting how in recent years the work of detectives and private investigators is increasingly in the hands of the internet, either to protect business-sensitive information, private photos or profiles on social networks. There are many people who feel their security is threatened by the irresponsible use of the great tool that is the internet. That is why you can use a private detective, but it is also true that the fact that there is so much information on the network has changed the techniques and the way in which a private detective does his work.