Private detectives and infidelity: a delicate situation

The thought that your partner may be cheating on you with another person is certainly a devastating idea. What you want to know is the truth, and if your partner is really cheating on you there is a little chance that he or she would give you the answers that could give back the tranquility. Even if a person does not have an affair outside of your relationship, to the person who is suspicious (as much as the partner categorically denies) this may not be enough.

Doubt can lead you to feeling anxious, depressed, it can affect your self-esteem and how you handle things in your everyday life, because you are continually having doubts and suspicions about your partner. What you need in such a situation are concrete and accurate answers before the doubts about your partner’s infidelity ruin the respect of your partner. As in many other situations in life, it is better to know the truth than to live with uncertainty. It is at that point that a private detective in Madrid can be very helpful.

A professional private detective, as those who are part of the team Monopol, will offer you a discreet and high quality investigation of infidelity. We also offer you to deal with the whole situation with the delicacy which is demanded in such an intimate and personal situation.

What we are referring to is specifically to talk about infidelity as a delicate situation? Here are some points related to this matter.

The elements that may indicate infidelity

What elements can trigger this burning sensation of doubt in a person? What is that in a partner that leads us to seek answers and evidence about it? Obviously, none of these elements is a proof that your partner is cheating, but thinking about these elements might help you find the source of discomfort and help you take more concrete measures in this regard.

  1. Your partner is distant and it seems to some extent “out” of the relationship, i.e. the partner might be trying to avoid physical contact, you do not hug or kiss as often, the partner has changed your patterns of coexistence and interaction, and you have noticed big changes in the way he or she behaves in everyday life in relation to you.
  2. Changes in sexual life. If you notice that your sex life drastically decreases without other external elements that could affect this change (increase in workload, childbirth, death of a family member…), you might start to think that your partner is cheating on you. It is obvious that if a person gets sexual gratification with someone else, they do not want to have sexual encounters with the partner with the same frequency. You have to pay attention to the clear changes in sexual life and analyze them.
  3. Your partner flirts with others. If you have recently noticed that your partner tends to flirt with others without discretion, it is possible that perhaps he or she is being unfaithful. Remember that this is only an indication and to be sure that your partner is cheating, you need more evidence.
  4. Your partner has become irritable and complains that he or she feels oppressed in the relationship. This kind of attitude is manifested in very short and sharp conversations, constant complaints about how bad it feels in the relationship. A person who is already unfaithful complains much about the relationship without feeling guilty, and even plays the role of victim on some occasions.
  5. Your partner is on the defense. If your partner reacts aggressively and is defensive when you ask a question about what he or she has been doing in the spare time or at work, it is perhaps due to the fact that he or she is being unfaithful. It is a warning sign that your partner will react to any question somewhat evasively or aggressively.
  6. A drastic change of schedule. If your partner suddenly changes the schedule of activities for no apparent reason, it may be due to the fact that he or she is spending time with someone else. The partner can justify it, for example, with the fact that the workload has increased or meetings came up, but if this change is accompanied by a suspicious attitude, the partner might be hiding infidelity.
  7. Your partner has changed his appearance drastically (started going to the gym, changed the clothes…) and if at the same time has changed their activity schedules, it may be because he or she is trying to impress someone else. It is not irrefutable evidence, but it can certainly trigger the suspicions of infidelity.
  8. The lies. If you discovered that your partner responds with lies repeatedly to your questions, it is a sign not only that the partner might be unfaithful, but there is something wrong in the relationship, and it certainly triggers the feeling of doubt, uncertainty and emotional distress that is so uncomfortable to live in everyday life and it only goes away once you are certain of what is happening.

Doubt and its effect on personal life

Doubt is an element that can really damage a relationship. It affects confidence and if there is no trust, the relationship is at risk (whether or not there is a reason to doubt). Apart from looking for the truth, a good idea when it comes to addressing doubts in a relationship is to attend marriage counseling. A solid relationship, full of nice touches, is one of the best ways out of depressive periods and psychological problems such as anxiety and low self esteem. That is why the doubt in a relationship can be a very destructive element for one person.

In fact, it is emotionally very difficult to cope every day when there is a constant feeling of doubt. It may affect our ability to make decisions, to see the range of possibilities before us, because these emotions limit our sense of control, and this affects not only the decisions we make regarding our partner, but uncertainty can broaden its range of influence and urge us to make rash decisions without thinking in terms of employment and other personal relationships. This is because anxiety and sadness that we associate with living in a period of constant doubt make us psychologically unable to see all the options available when making a decision. It is like falling into a trap set by our own emotions that makes us appreciate more complicated alternatives. That is why it is advisable to hire a private detective to help us confirm or dismiss our doubts.

Turning to a private detective is not an extreme solution

As we can see, there are many elements that can trigger a person feeling doubts about the partner being unfaithful. And once that doubt has been raised, it will trigger a series of more complex psychological problems, so there is no need to consider the fact of hiring a private detective as an extreme solution, that are only hired by “other people” who are desperate.

Keep in mind that in an urban area like Madrid many people are facing such situations with their partners. And it is normal. The relationships are complex and complicated; it is not easy to have an excellent relationship of trust, so in a situation of strong doubt, with many indications that lead to infidelity, we should go to a private detective. It is a normal reaction to receiving evasive response, and it should not be considered as a lack of confidence. It is simply a valid solution for tense and unpleasant feeling of continuous doubt.

Treating infidelity with discretion and delicacy

Going to a private detective when one has serious doubts regarding the infidelity of the partner, may cause people to feel unsafe taking this step if they are not completely certain whether this complex issue will be treated with delicacy and discretion it deserves.

Unlike economic or work investigations, the private investigator who dives into an investigation of infidelity should know that is a very personal matter and it involves mixed feelings in people. This applies not only to the first meeting and recognition of the fact that we need to really know what is happening with our partner, but it also applies to the results and confirmation of the suspicions of infidelity. Everything is a very intimate process, and therefore it must be treated with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

We must take into account certain elements that can occur as a result of such personal investigation:

  1. People realize that they knew what was happening. At least in the US, 85% of women who suspected their partner was cheating and 50% of men realize they were right to resort to a private detective. This may involve a wide range of psychological reactions when receiving the final report that the private detective delivered with the evidence of infidelity.
  2. People want to regain peace and tranquility despite the outcome of the investigation. Like we have mentioned: doubt and psychologically mistreating the person who is suspicious. So despite the feeling of sadness when receiving evidence of confirming the suspicions, it also brings great tranquility. It is for this reason that many people find it more useful to go to a private detective and conduct an investigation of infidelity, than to continue to be consumed by doubt.
  3. Another result (however improbable) which is possible is that your partner is not having an additional relationship, but there may be problems of addiction or compulsive gambling. Although a discovery of this kind may be less shocking, it equally involves a series of tough situations a couple has to face, so the private detective must be prepared to react in an empathetic, discreet and pleasant way as far as possible.
  4. Deception is broader than it is previously thought. In fact, on many occasions it is not only true that the partner is cheating the client, but the partner has a full life with another couple. A separate house, children with someone else. This can produce a very profound impact, because it is not what a person suspected and it is very hard to face with this level of lies built over years. Of all the possible outcomes, this one involves the most delicate treatment between the private detective and his client. Philosophical and moral preparation comes into play when a detective has to deliver such results.

Finally, we can say that it is not easy for a private detective in Madrid to emotionally deal with sensitive investigations as are those of infidelity. This is even more complex for a detective in Spain than in other European countries, as the personality of the Spaniards is warmer and more ardently reactions to difficult situations.

Do you have suspicions that your partner is cheating on you? Have you noticed some of the signs we have listed? Feel free to turn to Detectives Monopol where you will find a discreet, professional and sensitive answer for your investigation needs.