Investigations of economic fraud with expert detectives for businesses

In some judicial suits is necessary to do economic investigations. The economic investigation is one of the parts in some judicial processes that require expert professional such as detectives for businesses that can carry out economic investigations in Madrid, providing the information that usually a common citizen wouldn’t be able to get.
There is a broad spectrum of economic crimes that require personnel educated in the field of legislation, psychology to develop a comprehensive job that allows to get the máximum of information about physical or legal persons who do not comply with the current legal normative.

At Monopol we have a team of expert private investigators that perform the tracing and management of every investigation to get information about:

  • Financial reports and seizures. Investigations to obtain all the detailed information about the legitimacy that is being claimed to not comply with the contractual obligation that obligatory in most cases.
  • Finding of goods. Being a creditor is an awkward situation that may require sometimes the search of goods and belongings that a lot debtors deny to have. At Monopol we are expert in investigation befores seizures to know the goods a debtor has before starting the legal process
  • Fake bankruptcy. Sometimes there is the possibility that people who to comply with economic commitments declare themselves by way of fraud in bankruptcy. As expert private detectives we can offer the máximum information about the people involved in the legal proceedings.
  • Economic and moral responsibility. Is very frequent to find cases in which alimony settled between two parties isn’t being fulfilled. It is in those cases where professionals like Monopol can act to clarify the facts and prove the real motive of not paying.
  • Search of managements and businesses. Sometimes private investigators become assistants in the search of companies. Specially when it is necessary to present an action of social responsibility against them.

In the end, having a detectives agency in Madrid can be of great use in the business field, specially when it is necessary to obtain information that, otherwise, we would never get.