Detectives agency in Madrid: myths and truth

The profession of private investigator is surrounded by a lot of literatura and many myths. In some cases there is a part of truth and a part of fiction that people believe or think because of movies, books, or how it’s been depicted in some TV shows, but the truth is that at Monopol, team of detective in Madrid, we offer a great variety of services to get the information a person might need.

That is why we want to talk about the different aspects or myths that surround private detectives:
Everybody can be a detective. The fact is yes, as long as they have the correponding university studies, and also not being a public worker or having a criminal record, among others.

  • It is a very controlled sector. In fact its activity is regulated by the law 5/2014 April 4th. Besides, the National Police keeps a record of all the investigators in Spain and the activities the perform.
  • They can do investigations but respecting the current legislation and in the case of a legitimate cause. They must be very aware of the legal boundaries they can cross and not commit any crimes.
  • They help the Forces and the State Security Corps in the clarification of some crimes, as doing a lot of jobs on the streets they can get information that can help clarify a lot of investigations.
  • The current profile is that of professional with degree from a University, even though you can find professionals from the Law, psychology and economy.

At Monopol we have qualified professionals trained to develop different kinds of surveillance according to the needs of our clients. Do not doubt it contact us. We will analize your case and offer you the service that better fits to your needs of information.