Frauds to insurance companies

A fraud is a scam that involves an attempt to profit quickly and seemingly easily. However, perhaps due to the economic crisis that affected our country in recent times, it is an activity that has grown and multiplied, and that has become a headache to insurance companies. And not just that, the price increase on insurance policies due to high index of fraud, harm in a smaller or greater measure to us all. That is why big and small businesses decide to seek out private detectives, since in this way they can verify for sure the damages, perjuries and injuries insured people claim.

Verification of claims and questionable accidents

This kind of not professional fraud, almost amateur, seems like an easy way to make money fooling insurance companies. Since paying for these false claims and mock damages (robberies, accidents, fires) is truly a very heavy burden for this type of companies, it is a lot more convenient to seek out the services of private detectives in Madrid, which can reduce the investment by 75%. It is alot more practical to have the private detective checkig, on the orders of the insurance company, the claim or accident and then proceed to the payment, once the damage has been confirmed.

Consequences of injury in claims, fake injuries

To corroborate the real damages in properties, furniture, cars or personal damages and injuries, a private detective gets the proof needed to declare the validity of the damages suffered. To do that they will use techniques such as surveillance, tracing, investigation on the actual ensured person, their friends and family, verification of their social networks and public profiles, etc. There are many techniques that along with the experience of the private detective will be will be an asset to the ensurance company if/ when facing one of these frauds.

General damage

It is important to underline that in cases of fraud to insurance companies and fraud of damages in general, the work of private detectives in Madrid, and specially their final report, are tools that can be used in a court of law. There are numerous cases of jurisprudence that back these reports and the work in general of private detectives in Spain about it. The made up damages to accomplish a fraud against ensurance companies are so diverse and creative that they can defy the verification methods of insurance businesses, and that is why the work of a private detective may result fundamental to present relevant proof and avoid fraud.

Civil responsibility

Permanent injuries, and temporary disability are elements to determine the reach of the civil responsibility in traffic and work accidents. As we have made clear, they are opportunities for fraud, but there are also real cases that need compensation. To separate the real cases of people who deserve the payment of ther policy from those who are exaggerating and disguising the damages suffered, the work of private detectives becomes a valuable tool for insurers.






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