The term “infidelity”, we use when we refer to everything related to adultery. There are many people who have doubts about a possible infidelity by their partners or that are unfaithful themselves. On the first case, they often get in touch infidelity detectives in Madrid, as there is doubt on wether the suspicions of a possible betrayal are right or unfounded. Sometimes it is necessary that an external person foreign to the couple, does an investigation in an objective way. Here is where the figure of the private detective comes in.

The firsts signs of infidelity usually appear on social networks. The clients who require our services have often detected some kind of suspicious behavior from their partner both in their cellphones and online.


From Monopol, agency of detectives in Madrid on infidelities and other services, we want to give our clients the peacefulness and information they are looking for. To be able to do that, we will need to know all the personal information about the person investigated and the signs detected by the client of the supposed infidelity.

The client that hires our services will be informed at all times of the developments of the investigation, so that they can make the decisions the consider appropriate in each momento.

Statistically, 66% of the investigations about possible infidelities show that the suspected person is unfaithful. The job, in these cases, of the detectives on infidelities in Madrid or any other city, is essential to know the truth with real and demostrated evidence.

Monopol was established in 1962, with the purpose of helping our clients discovering what they can’t discover themselves. Since then, we have grown until getting a team of experts specialized on different subjects as necessary. So do not doubt it, if you are looking for a detective on infidelities in Madrid get in touch with us through or form, on the pone number 91 521 31 50 or email us at

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Symptoms that can give away an infidelity

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While they are not always conclusive motives, there are certain behavioral patterns that can give away an infidelity. We must take into account that these patterns are merely a guidance and to reliably determine if there is or not an infidelity we will need proof and facts, never assumptions no matter how evident our suspicions. Here is where the figure of the private detective comes into play, who will have to shine a light on the matter and confirm or deny the suspicions with conclusive evidence.

Let’s see some of the regular symptoms we can observe on our partner if they are being unfaithful:

Irritability or little patience

When someone is committing an infidelity, it is frequent the their level of stress increases, as the load of guilt and the lies the must keep to hide them create a complex situation where they must constantly pay attention to many details. Lying is not such an easy task as we may think, an elaborate and sustained lie in the medium and long term requires imagination, memory and care, so the level of alertness of a cheater increases their stress. This translates into an increased irritability of the cheater and an increase of arguments for absurd reasons.

Emotional absence

Another of the firsts symptoms that may make us suspect our partner is losing interest in the relationship or gaining interest in a third person, is usually emotional absence. We can notice how the communication between the couple suffers an evident deterioration; lack of implication in conversations, paying less attention to personal or intimate things.

Search for privacy

Committing an infidelity requires time and space, so if our partner is being unfaithful they will look for or make sure to have more time alone apart from us. It is common in a cheating spouse to start spending less time with their partner, finding excuses related to work or to friends they don’t usually spend a lot time with. They look for more time alone, be it shopping, getting something they forgot at work, working out, etc. As always, it is symptom that can also reveal other things different from an infidelity, it is not something conclusive.

New tastes or hobbies

When we meet someone we like, we tend top ay attention to their likes and interests. We are used to, in a first romantic phase, idealize this new person in our lives. To try to find bonding ties that make us closer to them, it is common to start to develop mutual tastes and interests. A sudden acquisition of new tastes and hobbies, can be a symptom that an important person has shown up in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be exclusively a symptom of a romantic relationship, it cab be an inspiring boss, a charismatic colleague, etc.

Better appearance

It is frequent that, when we start a romantic relationship, the person in question pays more attention to their physical appearance and personal grooming. This can manifest itself with carefully put together outfits, where they pay attention to details, or a greater investment of time at the moment of getting ready and checking their look before leaving the house. We must make assumption lightly, this is a symptom that on its own means nothing, we just have to keep it in mind in case we observe more symptoms.

The cellphone

The cellphone and social networks are our main means of communication today, it is relatively easy to use these devices to communicate with someone discreetly, however, some behaviors could give away this practice. Never leaving the cellphone near the spouse, taking it everywhere and at all times, and specially setting up some different or more elaborate access code that they won’t give away to anyone. It is usual as well that we notice increased activity in their cellphone.

We must take into account that these symptoms are just a series of behavioral patterns, none of them by themselves is evidence of anything. It is normal thet if we find some of these symptoms we can harbor some suspicion about the fidelity of our partner, but to be able to be sure of it, we must be able to get proof of the infidelity, a suspicion shouldn’t be reason enough to ruin a relationship.

The work of a detective when facing a case of infidelity

A delicate situation

Investigating a possible infidelity is a delicate matter for a private detective. When a person suspects that their spuse might be cheating, usually falls to a state anxiety, anguish, and in many cases depression. Our job as investigators is being able to give a clear answer to the person who has suspicions, and we must take into account thet this information is of vital importance to them at an emotional level. Is about a very special type of investigation, as usually, there are Deep feelings involved. We will have to consider that, in case we obtain proof that reveals an infidelity, the way in which we communicate these results is very important.

The importance of proof
Being able to demonstrate an infidelity requires proof, the same way it happens with any other investigation, nonetheless, in these cases, the proof we give should also clarify the matter without leaving any possibility of doubt and at the same time, as long as it is possible, look out for the emotional state of our client.The facts are the facts, and confirming the existence of an infidelity will always be painful to our client. As detectives it is normal that we can empathize with them and that we want to present the facts in the nicest way possible to the affected person, however, while it is a good practice to be tactful at the momento of showing the evidence, we should not, by professional rigor, embellish the truth.
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