Thanks to our team and the new techniques we use when it comes to doing our job (photography, editing, video, computing, etc.), we have established ourselves as an effective company of detectives in Madrid and all around the world, because we are members of different organizations: World Association of Detectives, A.P.D.P.E.
Currently, the area with the highest demand of private investigations is the business one. That is why our roster of clients is very broad, as we are contacted by small businesses and great multinational companies, to solve problems of different kinds.

Método de trabajo


The work method at Monopol detectives, is always based on 3 premises:

  • Previous planification of every investigation.
  • Constant information to the client about the status of the investigation.
  • Absolute confidentiality and professional secret in all of our actions.


  • Our client brings their case Monopol Detectives.
  • Monopol detectives develops a study, a plan of action, and a budget for the case, that is submitted to the client for approval (all of this free of charge)
  • Once accepted, the right professionals regarding the subject of the investigation, are assigned to the case.
  • Once the investigation is finished, a written report is prepared, with the evidence to assure what is being said in it.
  • Together with the client, meetings are organized to plan judicial or other kind of actions, complemetary investigations are made, and we offer our counseling experience to our clients.
  • If our clients presen tour report in a court of law as expert or testimonial evidence, Monopol detectives attends to the court to ratify the contents of the report and answer questions they may be asked.



The job of private detective in Madrid or in any other city, attracts attention for its secrecy and mistery. None the less, there is a lot of ignorance regarding what are the requirements to be a private detective, and in what way do they work once they become detectives.
From Monopol, with more tan 50 years of experience, we want to give you some guidelines to know the procedure, and the requirements demanded by the law to work as a private detective.


The person interested in being part of a detectives agency, must get a permit given by the Ministry od Interior, which must be accredited by the TIP (Professional Identity Card), given by the Police General Direction. What are the requirements that an aspiring private detective must comply to obtain said license? According to article 29 of the Private Security Law, a college degree in private investigation, recognized by the Ministry of Interior:


In Monopol, we fulfill all the requirements top put at your disposition the posible means to give you a good service. We work with clear premises:

  • Plan the investigation previously
  • Informing the client at all times the developments of our search.
  • otal and absolute secrecy about everything we do.

Once the client gets in touch with Monopol and explains their case, we follow basic steps common in all processes:

  • A previous study is made, an actions guideline and a budget, all of that totally free of charge for the client.
  • If the investigation moves on, it is time to choose the professionals that will take care of it, as we have experts in many different fields.
  • Meetings are planned with the client through the length of the investigation to determine the procedures, specially judicial ones, that will follow next.
  • If it is necessary and the client requires the report that we have delivered to be used as evidence in a trial, a professional from the Company will appear in the court to confirm it.

Despite what you may think, private detectives also have some bans imposed upon them by the law about some actions and Jobs. You can’t, for example, do any type of investigation or following of an offense, and should also inform of any kind of crime to the authorities. Likewise, they can’t make use of any personal or technical means that may attempt against the honor, the intimacy, the personal image or the secrecy of the information.

Metodología de trabajo

From the private detectives agency in Madrid, Monopol, we hope to have resolved your questions about how to become a private detective and our steps to follow during the course of an investigation.
At Monopol we have over 50 years in the detectives market in Madrid, during which we have grown in a professional level as well as a personal level. Likewise, we have adapted to the new technologies to keep offering to our clients, the quality service they expect from us. Don’t wait any longer, if you need any of the services described here or has any questions, get in touch with us on the pone number 91 521 31 50 or fill the contact formo n our website.

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