Verification of work background

The process of recruiting and selection of personnel is one of the most relevant and of extremely delicate nature activities in a business, as carrying out a proper selection process, the department of Human Resources can guarantee the right people for the job are hired, and that these people have greater possibilities to succesfully join the business in question. That is why private detectives can be a key element when designing investigations based on a strict analysis of the information one must count on to choose the most qualified people to be part of a company and integrate it, specially in executive positions and positions of high responsibility.

Performance control of delegates, employees, vendors, and agents

In the department of Humas Resources the techniques, practices and even the goals have suffered a lot of changes and have made this department the cornerstone of every company not only for personnel selection, but also for control of work performance. Evidently the staff of human resources can’t asses all the time and in different ways the performance of employees, delegates, vendors, and other working agents that are not in the surroundings of the physical facilities of the company. Specially in small an medium businesses, it is imposible to have qualified personnel for this type of control.

That is why the action of a good private detective with experience in the working field of Madrid can be of great use to optimize the performance assesment and implement the necessary measures to improve the personnel performance of a business.

Control of leave caused by work accidents

Another important assistance to the department of human resources of a business of any size, that a private detective can provide in the area of Madrid is to assist in properly guided investigations of the real and authentic proof of a leave caused by a work accident, determine if the causes of the accident are real, and if it is really being fulfilled.

Work absenteeism

Aprivate detective can be helpful to a business at assiting them with an investigation directed to settle the truth behind the generic phenomenon known as “work absenteeism”. The job of a private detective will be to demonstrate absenteeism without substantiation or justified if it is real; Frequent absenteeism of an employee due to sickness or pains that change, but are very frequent in time.

Duplicity of professional activities

The optimum performance of all employees is one of the goals of every business. To do that they use economic incentives, different motivation strategies, and other techniques. It all can be useless if there is employees that, because of having duplicity of jobs, don’t perform the tasks they are paid to do. It can also happen that an employee works at the same time for a business and its competition. All of these cases require evidence, that can be delivered by an expert private detective, so that the company takes the corresponding disciplinary measures.

Unfair competition

A private detective carries out an investigation in the frame of what is considered unfair competition when they deliver a report that shows (with evidence), that there is practices from a business actor that have allowed them to increase their profits outside of the legal and moral frameworks permitted. For example, when an employee gets professional training in a company and at the same time is working in a different company of the same field, passing information to other businesses or taking advantage of that information for their own gain, or when a business is doing practices that are not allowed or are ilegal, that damage their competition.






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