We offer prices personalized to the needs of every cliente

At Monopol you won’t find standarized prices or established fees, since our work philosophy is to provide personal solutions for each of our clients. The moment you hire our services, a detective in Madrid will be available to you at a custom made fee.
When you contact us, we study your case, the needs it has and what is the best way to approach it. The price varies with every investigation.

In all our jobs we follow three basic premises:

  1. Previous planification of the investigation, in which every step and technique is detailed to solve the case.
  2. Constant notification of the case to the client. To us is very important that the person who contacts us is informed of the development of the investigation at all times.
  3. We guarantee absolute confidentiality of the case and the client. It is of utmost importance to maintain professional secret as sometimes the integrity of the investigation might depend on it.
  4. absoluta confidencialidad del caso y de la identidad del cliente. Es primordial mantener el secreto profesional ya que en algunas ocasiones puede depender de ello la integridad de alguna de las partes.
Detective en Madrid precios
One of the first questions we get from possible clients is “How much does it cost to hire a detective?” To Monopol the answer is always the same: “it depends”. Depends on the case, the number of experts that the investigation requires, of the tools or techniques necessary, and finally, of list of essential factors in any process that requires the help of professional detectives.
Our over 50 years of experience in the business have led us to grow professionally and to offer the services of a detective in Madrid at personalized prices, leaving behind standard fees that are in many cases impossible to afford.

If you wish to get a custom made Budget, contact us through the form on this website and we will get back to you as son as possible.