Industrial and comercial counterespionage

It is true that the image of the private detective is tarnished by science fiction and novels, just as the spy. When we think about spies we think about espionage between countries, of black and white movies with characters skillful at disguises that sell information. The truth is nowadays, business espionage is the most frequent today. It is time to think about getting professional help, like the one a private detective in Madrid can provide, when there is suspicion that the competition is doing practices of espionage, when they get ahead in launching a product to the market or make a transaction that was considered guarateed, is a good momento to hire the services of a professional, to find the possible spy in the company.

Investigations about patents and brands

In a world as competitive as it is the current one, being able to maintain control over brands, patents and all the intelectual elements that make a brand, they become a very important asset to safeguard. As we said before, industrial espionage or information theft have become a very common way of unfair competition in terms of business, and without a doubt, the help from private detectives is an element that should not be discarded to protect this confitential information, even more in a time where electronic communications, portable and internet, facilitate its theft.

Information leaks

We talk about information leaks particularly when a set of data of whatever kind (numbers, récipes, images, advertising campaigns, etc.), were kept as confidential, but it becomes public knowledge ori t ends up in possesion of the competition by the disloyal actions of an employee or by a big enough neglect about it. To detect where the leak is coming from, ore ven better, to prevent it before it happens, a helpful element is to have the assistance private detectives spcialized in industrial property.

Forgery of brands

The forgery of brands makes refernece to all kinds of illegal practices that do not respect the exclusivity right of the holder of a brand that has been registered in the National Institute of Industrial Property. The most delicate cases are the ones in which a brand is reproduced in a particular service or product with some logo or symbol from the company that owns the brand, clearly deceiving the consumer who believes to be in front of the original brand.

It is a delicate situation because brand forgery and unfair competition, cause a lot of damage to the holder of the registry, to their reputation and to the brand. If you believe your business has been a victim, using the services of private detectives in Madrid will allow to take the right measures about it.

Patent theft

Patent theft and all crimes against industrial property rights liable to prosecution by the state, however, it is advisable to make the report to the authorities, as the intervention of the holder will be necessary to determine the nature of falsehood or authenticity (genuine) of the products. That is why to gather information about it, it is very helpful to use the skills and knowledge of private detectives, who will help to find the products, get proof, outline the reach of the theft and build a plan for any report related to the theft Industrial Property rights.

Plagiarism of production processes

As with any element that puts in risk the integrity of industrial property, when facing a problem of plagiarism of production processes, it is very useful to have the help of private detectives that check the infringing products, find relevant facts and be able to make a report valid in a court of law, besides being able to advice the client.

This whole process done by the private detective allows in the long term not just to obtain proof and stop the attack against the brand and its production process, but also to avoid the deterioration of the brand itself and protect from future attacks of this kind.

Violations of the regulations in matters of free competition and/or advertising

What is unfair competition? In general terms is a dishonest practice that seeks to increase its own market or directly take out the competition. It can appeal to denigrate the brand of the competition, confuse brands, doing misleading advertising, or even exploit the reputation of another brand or company. It is also considered unfair competition when a company sells services or products for which they don not a have license. It is broad and complex field in which the help of private detectives ia an important step for a complany or brand impose respect to their rights.

The professionalism of the detective makes this kind of investigation fast and very effective.






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