Economic investigations for business

Fake bankruptcies

A person who has an economic commitment to fulfill, can resort to declare insolvency or bankruptcy, fraudulently. What does this mean? It is all the cases in which one of the parties must pay a compensatory pension, alimony, or a business that must fulfill certain payments (to suppliers or employees) and makes the decision not top ay, but it is proven that the person (physical or judicial) had undeclared income or patrimony the might be used to comply with their commitment.

All these cases are fraud and to be able to, as a creditor, use the necessary information in a process and obtain the payment, you have to have the complete information. That is why the help of a good detective may be the key.

Economic and moral responsibility

There is particular cases in which a trading, economic and even moral commitment is made, and then they fail to comply. The most frequent is the payment of pensions or alimony, in which parents declare themselves in bankruptcy, or simply disappear, to avoid paying what they have to pay. There is also cases in which there is moral damage infringed upon, and compensation can be demanded, but to do that it is necessary to know well the details of these acquired responsibilities and the existing economic means to comply with them. To do that, in spite of being able to doing personal researches, is better to trust the work of a professional, such as the private detectives that are part of the Monopol team.

Financial and economic reports previous to garnishments and executive trials

If we take into account that all contractual obligations demand a forceful compliance, it is clear that there will be times in which taking legal actions will be necessary to, through garnishment of goods or income, obtain the sufficient amount to satisfy the compliance of this acquired economic obligation.

It is not easy facing this kind of process if you do not have the means to prove legitimacy of what is being claimed or demanded. It is in this sense that the work oa detective in Madrid who knows well the applicable legislation as well as the uses and custom of the people who usually stop paying an economic obligation. Even within a private investigation of economic nature, it is necessary to use legal psychology knowledge, which is what distinguishes a good private detective.

Finding of goods

Being a creditor is an awkward situation in personal terms and a delicate one in economic terms, and until we find ourselves in this situation we can’t imagine how far people can go to not pay what they owe, or to acquire a debt that they know they won’t be able to pay. There is some defaulters that posses complex strategies, for example, not having properties or bank accounts in their name, but they use “front men” to protect their goods.

That is why in these cases, when you find yourself as a creditor, it is very useful to count on the experience of a professional private detective in the city of Madrid that goes beyond a simple search in the Registry of Property, as they will investigate the possessions of family members, Friends, they will follow the defaulter and finally, they will unveil the fraud the defaulter has created to avoid paying.

Here at Monopol Detectives, we can also do investigations previous to a seizure, when the creditor (individual or business) wants to know ahead of time about the goods the indebted owns before facing a legal process.

Search of managers and business

Sometimes de work of a detective changes a little and becomes, thanks to their researches and investigations, a counselor regarding the search of businesses and leaders of the same. It may be that what the client needs to know is who i sor who are the people running a particular company, as their experience in the same sector as in other similar entities. Namely, the complete experience.

Sometimes it is important to know the regular situation such as the trajectory of a leader in the businesses they have colaborated or participated, and their relationships with other actors in the field. That is part of the skill set of a private detective. In other times the research of managers is required to pursue the social action of responsibility against them, for actions made within the company to the detriment of creditors or shareholders.






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